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September 2002, Frankfurt/ Main

Group of independent management consultants launch a pan-European network

The Management Consultants Network was launched today in Frankfurt/ Main with the aim to unite like-minded people, to raise professional standards and to provide more value to clients, while proving the merits of independence and freedom against the 'establishment'. It provides independent professional management consultants, operating in vertical markets, the opportunity to combine know-how with colleagues across Europe, by providing a unique platform to bring together highly motivated business-driven experts offering a range of consulting services for the benefit of clients seeking professional and independent advice.

Members commit themselves to respect client values, to be results driven, and to keep clarity and consistency in their business advice and to communicate this in the most effective possible way. Building on each individual's years of experience in specific vertical sectors, The Network aims to deliver industry knowledge combined with proven implementation expertise. All members of The Network are independent individuals, highly qualified and experienced in their field, operating under an international virtual umbrella. They share common business values underpinned by an entrepreneurial flair.

Miomir Tomovic, founder of the Network, explained that this initiative is open to all independent consultants with high qualification standards and a personality synonymous with the existing membership base. He described six pre-requisites for joining: (1) knowledgeable educational background; (2) proven track record in entrepreneurial and managerial achievements; (3) minimum of three years experience in management consultancy; (4) focus and competencies that compliment the Network´s current portfolio of know-how and services; (5) at least three references from past client projects; and (6) identify with the business values of The Network. Every management consultant matching the above criteria is invited to send a short e-Mail to with more information of his/ her expertise, qualifications, career path and assignments).

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